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Youth vote for the EU

The EU referendum is the most important decision of a generation, and while every vote is equal the polls show that young voters could hold the key to maintaining Britain’s membership of the European Union. Young people are also the ones who will live with the decision, whichever way it goes, for the longest. I… Continue reading »

Student protest over free education expected to draw thousands

Thousands of young people are expected to take to the streets of central London this week to voice their anger over the government’s “attacks on free education”, in what organisers are describing as a resurgent movement of student protest following the Conservatives’s election victory in May. Organisers of the march on 4 November, called to… Continue reading »

Welfare Bill is an ‘assault on future generations’

The Green Party has accused the government of bringing in legislative changes which amount to an assault on future generations, through changes to Tax Credits, disability benefits, education funding and the redefinition of ‘child poverty’. All but 48 Labour MPs joined with the Conservatives to vote in favour of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill,… Continue reading »