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Clean energy: another $1bn from Gates

Clean energy: another $1bn from Gates

Bill Gates has invested another $1bn in clean energy. His blog explains why he did this, and why it’s imperative that mankind makes the investments now to power the breakthroughs that will make the difference in the next half century. This is commendable. A powerful, public figure – recognised by nerds and non-nerds alike – making such… Continue reading »

Solar powered flight for 81 hours

Two weeks after demonstrating AtlantikSolar’s first 24-hour flight, the fixed-wing team of ETH Zurich’s Autonomous Systems Lab has reached another milestone: 81.5 hours and 2316 km of continuous flight for its 6.8kg AtlantikSolar 2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. This breaks the flight endurance world record in its class. Click here for the full article. Cross-post from Robohub. by

Plans for solar park in Pluckley thrown out

An appeal to build a huge solar park near Pluckley has been thrown out by a planning inspector.  The proposal by developers Sunsave 8 was for a 37-acre site on land in Dowle Street, in Pluckley. The plan was originally refused by Ashford Borough Council’s planning committee in February 2014.  Despite villagers’ protests, the developers appealed… Continue reading »

Low voltage energy?

CE pros might be sitting in the proverbial catbird seat when it comes to the future of wiring homes. With the solar revolution seemingly in full swing all across the nation, consumers are enamored with “going off the grid.” And many homeowners are counting on home batteries to be the next phase of their off-the-grid… Continue reading »

Home batteries

Submitted by Chloros. Tesla, who normally make electric cars, have announced a home battery (http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2015-05/01/tesla-powerwall-battery-elon-musk). So what? To many people, STORAGE of energy is the main turn-off for renewable power such as solar (you can power your home while the sun shines, but what about night time, winter or when it’s cloudy). Typically a solar panel… Continue reading »