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The only way to beat the blackouts is smart, clean, affordable energy

Caroline Lucas comments: The National Grid’s urgent request for extra generation this week has been widely hyped as an emergency, with the country at risk from blackouts. On closer examination, it turns out that the National Grid has been calmly explaining that a “notification of inadequate system margin” (NISM) is not a last resort. It’s… Continue reading »

The greenest government NEVER

Peter Barnett reviews the Tories’ first few months in power “By no stretch of the imagination” was how Jonathon Porritt described David Cameron’s claim that the coalition government of 2010-15 was the ‘greenest government ever’. In his report of the same name, Porritt outlined deficiencies in all the principal environmental policy areas: natural environment, energy,… Continue reading »

UK nuclear weapons

Submitted by Chloros. The Trident debate has largely centred around whether the UK should have an independent nuclear arsenal. This is an important question (Green Party policy is to unilaterally disarm – other parties vary on their support for these weapons of mass destruction), but it’s not the only question. History Trident is the direct… Continue reading »