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Fracking ‘bribes’ underline the destructiveness of the government’s energy policy

The government’s plans to offer ‘bribes’ to households to accept fracking (1) on their doorsteps underlines the destructiveness of their energy policy, which will hasten the onset of climate chaos, says the Green Party, the only party wholeheartedly opposed to fracking. The latest government intervention in support of fracking comes as leading climate scientists warn… Continue reading »

Open Letter from Green KCC Councillor to KCC Superannuation Fund on divestment from fossil fuels

Dear Superannuation Fund committee member, There has been, quite rightly, a lot of interest and correspondence of late about divestment related to coal, oil and gas. I am writing to put the case firmly for what is now becoming a mainstream movement away from this sector and ask that the superannuation fund agrees to look… Continue reading »

The greenest government NEVER

Peter Barnett reviews the Tories’ first few months in power “By no stretch of the imagination” was how Jonathon Porritt described David Cameron’s claim that the coalition government of 2010-15 was the ‘greenest government ever’. In his report of the same name, Porritt outlined deficiencies in all the principal environmental policy areas: natural environment, energy,… Continue reading »

Edenbridge woman launches petition amid fracking fears

A petition has been launched by campaigners demanding county hall bosses begin a full and open consultation into fracking in Kent. Sue Rule, from Edenbridge, has started the petition about the possibility of fracking coming to her home county, as she was concerned about the impact the controversial techonology could have. Kent County Council (KCC) is… Continue reading »

Green Party condemns government plans to overrule councils on fracking

Government plans to overrule councils by fast-tracking fracking applications have been criticised by the Green Party, the only party committed to banning all UK shale gas exploration operations. Writing in a Sunday newspaper, UK Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd revealed imminent government plans to write to planning authorities to state the ‘national need to explore’ fracking,… Continue reading »

Fracking in Kent

Kent Green’s are deeply concerned about the local environmental impact of fracking – the multiple heavy vehicle movements, the consumption of water, the high risk of contamination of aquifers, the earthquakes. It is also important to also recognise that the independent Committee on Climate Change has said that Britain might not be able to frack… Continue reading »