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Leaked letter: Rudd admits 25% green energy undershoot, misled Parliament

A letter from Energy Secretary Amber Rudd leaked to The Ecologist shows that she misled Parliament by promising the UK was ‘on course’ to deliver on its renewable energy targets – when in fact there is a delivery shortfall in 2020 of almost 25%. Her plan to fill the gap relies on more biofuels, buying… Continue reading »

The only way to beat the blackouts is smart, clean, affordable energy

Caroline Lucas comments: The National Grid’s urgent request for extra generation this week has been widely hyped as an emergency, with the country at risk from blackouts. On closer examination, it turns out that the National Grid has been calmly explaining that a “notification of inadequate system margin” (NISM) is not a last resort. It’s… Continue reading »

Open Letter from Green KCC Councillor to KCC Superannuation Fund on divestment from fossil fuels

Dear Superannuation Fund committee member, There has been, quite rightly, a lot of interest and correspondence of late about divestment related to coal, oil and gas. I am writing to put the case firmly for what is now becoming a mainstream movement away from this sector and ask that the superannuation fund agrees to look… Continue reading »

The greenest government NEVER

Peter Barnett reviews the Tories’ first few months in power “By no stretch of the imagination” was how Jonathon Porritt described David Cameron’s claim that the coalition government of 2010-15 was the ‘greenest government ever’. In his report of the same name, Porritt outlined deficiencies in all the principal environmental policy areas: natural environment, energy,… Continue reading »

UN verdict on UK climate change policy shows it’s time for immediate U-turn

Chief environmental scientist: UK renewables subsidies withdrawn while fossil fuel industry enhanced The UK government cannot continue with its current energy policies, according to the Green Party, after the government’s approach was given a damning verdict by the UN’s chief scientist.  Professor Jacquie McGlade was concerned to “see [renewables] subsidies being withdrawn and the fossil fuel… Continue reading »