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EU and Corporate Power: Green position

In a matter of weeks, people in the UK will go to the polls to decide if we want to remain in the European Union. For Greens, the EU referendum debate must include a thorough discussion about tackling corporate power. The ‘leave’ campaign has offered no solutions to how the UK alone would succeed in ensuring… Continue reading »

Greens urge Obama to support EU citizens and small business, not TTIP

GREEN MEPs are using the visit of President Obama to the UK to highlight the threats posed to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) from TTIP, the planned EU-US trade deal. Green MEPs have long opposed TTIP, describing it as a ‘corporate charter’, and have been at the forefront of opposition in the European Parliament… Continue reading »

Youth vote for the EU

The EU referendum is the most important decision of a generation, and while every vote is equal the polls show that young voters could hold the key to maintaining Britain’s membership of the European Union. Young people are also the ones who will live with the decision, whichever way it goes, for the longest. I… Continue reading »

Keep Britain in the EU

At our Conference in September, Green Party members overwhelmingly voted to campaign to remain in the EU and today we’re launching our Greens for Europe campaign. The European story should be celebrated. Countries with different histories and cultures have come together, opting to share sovereignty while keeping their own traditions, in order to work together… Continue reading »