Surveillance Offensive

By   November 2, 2015

News from Open Rights Group:

You might have worked out from the Government’s PR offensive that a new surveillance bill is imminent. [1] The draft Investigatory Powers Bill is expected to be published this week.

We actually want a new law because our existing laws are failing to protect our privacy. The Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation delivered his own damning verdict:

The current law is is fragmented, obscure, under constant challenge and variable in the protections that it affords the innocent.

We want a new law that allows the police and agencies to surveil people who are suspected of a crime without snooping on everyone else. But if the media reports are to believed, we are going to see the continuation of bulk collection of data about everyone’s Internet use.  It also looks like the Government is going to reject the new consensus that surveillance warrants should be authorised by judges instead of government ministers.

We fought against the original Snoopers’ Charter and we will fight again to make sure this new Bill respects our freedom to have privacy and freedom of expression.

You can help us in lots of ways.

1. Please sign our petition against the Snoopers’ Charter bouncing back. We plan to send to every member of the Joint Committee who will scrutinise the new legislation.

2. Please join ORG. It’s hard when you’re up against the Home Office PR machines but with your financial support we can do so much more.

The government has a small minority and it’s going to be difficult for them to get the unnecessary, intrusive powers they want. We can win this!

Thank you for supporting our work!

Best wishes,

Ed Johnson-Williams
Open Rights Group

[1] David Allen Green – The new Investigatory Powers Bill and the politics of ‘nodding along’
Financial Times

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