Save Our Human Rights Act

By   November 10, 2015

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Our Human Rights Act is under threat. Michael Gove wants to scrap it and replace it with a weaker “British Bill of Rights” which will water down our rights and protections. But Gove won’t tell us which human rights he wants to take away. The right to a fair trial? The right to education? The right to not be tortured or treated in an inhumane or degrading way?

Will you help us stop him?

People power has delayed the introduction of a watered-down version of the Human Rights Act so far, but we need to keep the pressure up on Michael Gove and our MPs to ensure the Human Rights Act is protected and the so called “British Bill of Rights” never sees the light of day. The public consultation period is due to begin in November or December 2015. It is vital that we speak out now so Michael Gove knows not to tamper with our rights.




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