Keep Feed-In-Tariffs campaign

By   October 21, 2015

Right now, the Conservative Government is planning disastrous cuts to Feed-In Tariffs (FiTs) – subsidies for small-scale renewable energy. Ministers want to slash support for roof-top solar panels by 87%, whilst subsidising fracking and nuclear energy.

We need your help to stop them! If we are serious about tackling climate change, we should be investing in renewable technologies, not cutting back.

Our friends at 10:10 have created a simple tool so you can have your say more easily. Please hurry – the Government’s consultation closes this Friday, 23rd October.

Green Party activists have already joined the campaign to #KeepFITs. Kitted out in gym gear, we teamed up with Friends of the Earth, 10:10 and Trillion Fund in a flashmob dance, with a specially choreographed #KeepFITs routine outside the Treasury in London.

Support this action by submitting your own quick response to the consultation.

With the upcoming U.N. climate talks in Paris, we have an enormous opportunity to put climate action at the top of the political agenda.  That starts by getting our voices heard to save solar power.

Over the coming weeks there will be other ways you can help as part of the #ClimateSense campaign – for example by joining the Green Bloc at the People’s marches for Climate, Justice + Jobs on 28th and 29th November.  Alternatively, if you would like to go to Paris you may be able to offer a lift or get a lift here.

If you’d like to be more involved with #ClimateSense stunts and actions, please sign up here to be a Core Activist. Funding and support will be available for local campaigning. So whether you’re determined to fight fracking, stop airport expansion, campaign for divestment or promote renewable energy, have a discussion with your local party about what you’d like to do.

In the meantime, don’t forget to tell the Government to #KeepFITs before Friday.

We have only one planet, one home, and we need to work as one to protect it.

Natalie Bennett
Green Party of England and Wales

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