The threat to our Human Rights Act

By   July 20, 2015

Proposals to scrap our Human Rights Act would lead to weakened rights for all. Yet by taking action together we can ensure decision makers understand the true value of our Human Rights Act (HRA). Liberty, the civil rights group, is starting a campaign to protect our HRA. Actions you can take include spreading the word, sending an email to your MP, writing a letter to your MP and your local paper.

Why is Save Our Human Rights Act important?

Our Human Rights Act protects every one of us. Our HRA has achieved so much.  It’s held the State to account for spying on us; safeguarded our soldiers; and supported peaceful protest.  It’s helped rape victims; defended domestic violence sufferers; and guarded against slavery.  It’s protected those in care; shielded press freedom; and provided answers for grieving families.

Its protections are the most fundamental – those we should all enjoy, because we’re human.

Think about it.  Which of them would you go without?  The right to life?  The right not to be tortured?  The right to a fair trial?  Would you really be happy if these basic freedoms weren’t properly protected?

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