Local Issues


(May 2017)

The Green party would encourage a balanced mix of tenures on all new developments through local planning policy, with the emphasis placed on commonly owned and social housing to ensure new homes are truly affordable and meet local needs.  Click here to read more.

Air Quality

(May 2017)

Avoidable air pollution is killing an estimated 40,000 people every year in the UK. This equates to at least 62 Gravesham residents dying unnecessarily each year. The public health emergency also contributes to poor health in us all and is strongly linked to asthma in children. Click here to read more.

Lower Thames Crossing

(May 2017)

The Green Party has responded to Highways England’s newly launched consultation for a new multi-billion pound tunnel to be built under the Thames between Tilbury in Essex and Gravesend in Kent. Click here to read how we stand on the issue. Latest posts on the issue are listed below:

Community and the Woodville

(April 2017)

The Gravesham Borough Council Cabinet meeting of the 27th March 2017 reviewed options for theatre services at the Woodville. The options considered included the “Cease” option which would close all theatre, cinema, bar and cafe activities. Click here to read our reaction to this announcement.


(December 2016)

The Dartford and Gravesham Greens think an extension of the Crossrail line (C2G), known as the Elizabeth Line, to at least Ebbsfleet International is a no-brainer. With developments like London Paramount tagged for the area more transport capacity will be needed than what is currently available. Click here to read our full statement.

Airport expansion

(August 2016)

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been saying how happy he would be for Gatwick Airport to be expanded. The Tory MPs around Gatwick have been sounding enthusiastic about expansion at Heathrow.

What do they have in common? They want to avoid the huge environmental and other impacts of airport expansion on the communities they represent. Yet they wish the misery of increased noise, air pollution and overcrowded trains, roads and local services on others.

It’s only big business that profits from airport expansion – our communities and our climate will pay the price.

Brexit has changed the future of air travel in the UK. Predictions of growth must be reviewed. With the EasyJet share price tumbling and likely future constraints on European air travel everything is different.

The Government should speed to a decision and throw out these out dated plans. This would take the huge pressure off local communities around both airports. No new runway is the only way forward.

‘Boris Island’ Thames airport hub

(March 2016)

We are surprised at the re-appearance of the idea of an airport hub in the Thames Estuary (‘Boris Island’). We thought the idea had been rightly dismissed due to associated environmental impacts and cost.  The Green Party rejects the idea specifically on the grounds of environmental impact.

We are against airport expansion in general, as air travel is a high polluting method of travel, but specifically against expansion in the South-East which is already serviced by a number of airports. The ‘Boris Island’ hub would add to existing air pollution problems in the Thames Estuary – a problem that will be greatly increased if any proposed Thames crossing is implemented – and would undermine UK efforts to tackle climate change.

The airport hub being touted covers a Special Protection conservation area and its construction would result in the loss of irreplaceable wildlife and habitats with associated damage to the entire ecosystem of North Kent. The marshes and estuaries of the Thames are home to an internationally important numbers of animals and birds that come to breed and overwinter in the area. Building an airport in the vicinity would lead to environmental destruction on a huge scale. Such damage is unjustifiable.

Other reasons to look poorly against airport development in the area include the location of oil refineries, unexploded munitions in the Thames and shipping routes.

The Airports Commission, which recently reviewed airport expansion, rejected ‘Boris Island’ by establishing serious doubts about the delivery and operation of a large hub in the Estuary, claiming huge economic disruption – including costs up to £60 billion in total – and environmental hurdles. The Green Party welcomed that decision when it was announced in September 2014 and we continue to take a stance against the implementation of an airport hub in the Thames Estuary.

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