Tilbury Power Station chimneys to be demolished in controlled explosion

By   September 19, 2017

The view from Gravesend across the River Thames will change forever next week when the two tall chimneys at Tilbury Power Station are demolished. The 170m tall chimneys will be brought down simultaneously by controlled explosions next Thursday. Anyone wishing to watch will need to be up early as the demolition is scheduled for 8am.

The chimneys have been part of the site since the station was built in 1969 and this will mark the site’s seventh controlled explosive demolition.They are the tallest standing structures in Kent’s neighbour Essex but it will take less than 10 seconds for the concrete chimneys to crumble to the ground. The exclusion zone around the site will be bigger than for recent smaller explosions, extending up to the Essex shoreline.

RWE Generation, which manages the site, warned:

“There are no safe and accessible areas around the perimeter of the station which would provide views of the chimneys coming down and no public car parking available in the area.”

But people should be able to view the chimneys’ demise from the Kent side of the river.  The sixth explosive demolition simultaneously brought down a section of high level ducting and central conveyor last week.

Cross-post from Kent Online.

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