Thanet council and RiverOak to hold more talks over Manston CPO

By   September 7, 2015


Thanet council is to hold a fresh series of confidential meetings with the American company RiverOak about a possible buyout of the Manston airport site. The news comes as there appeared to be serious difficulties emerging over a possible CPO of the site and apparent

In a joint statement which strikes a more conciliatory tone than has been the case recently, the two say:

“RiverOak Aviation Associates and Thanet District Council anticipate a number of meetings in the coming weeks, in a variety of formats and venues. We jointly acknowledge there are a number of points to be negotiated and settled prior to indemnity partner status and any CPO, and are agreed these confidential negotiations are best conducted in private.”

Full article here.

Cross-post from Kent Online.

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