Southern Water employs cat King Loui as rat-catcher in chief

By   November 24, 2015

King Loui the cat has taken up duties as chief rat-catcher at Southern Water’s treatment works at Eastchurch. Kyle Rayner, the site’s manager, says it is the perfect solution to a tricky problem.

Despite the company trying traditional pest control methods, the rats were still winning. So Kyle adopted a more natural approach. He said:

“I’d been thinking about getting a cat anyway when someone told us about one that needed re-homing. I decided to get him in and he’s done a great job. He was wary of people at first but now you can’t get him off your lap. We’ve made a little entrance for him so he can get in and out while the site is still secure and we’ve bought him a food dispenser with biscuits. There’s always someone around to feed him and, of course, he gets to eat whatever he catches. He’s living the dream. We have solved the rat problem for the price of a few cat biscuits and he has a new home. What could be better?”

Cross-post from Kent Online.

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