Research into green gas by local party member

By   January 21, 2017

Erin in Sydney

We’d like to congratulate our local member, Erin Johnson, a postgraduate chemical engineering student at Imperial College London, who has been awarded the Ashok Kumar Fellowship for 2017.

The prize is an opportunity to spend three months working at the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (POST), with a focus on producing a parliamentary briefing note for MP’s on a relevant subject. Erin enrolled in Imperial College in 2015 to study for her PhD at the University’s Centre for Process Systems Engineering. Her doctorate looks to establish how green gas should be deployed in the UK to maximise environmental benefits and minimise cost.

IChemE’s Director of Policy, Claudia Flavell-While, said of Erin’s award:

“Erin really impressed us with the depth of her research. She has the ability to explain complex issues clearly and succinctly, and presented implications and policy options in an unbiased way. The Ashok Kumar Fellowship is a great opportunity for chemical engineers to understand first-hand how Parliament works, and the role of science and engineering in facilitating policy-making. It’s a fantastic experience, whether the person pursues a career in academia, industry or policy.”

For the full article go to the IChemE website.

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