Operation Stack: protesters question Damian Collins MP over park off M20 at Stanford

By   January 24, 2016

Protesters questioned MP Damian Collins over proposals for a lorry park at Stanford. On Friday night, at Westenhanger Castle, Mr Collins took questions from residents and members of the recently formed SOS Kent (Smarter Options than Stanford) group.

Questions on a host of topics about the new park ranging from environmental issues, compensation, security including prostitution, using technology to avoid building a large holding area and alternative sites were all posed. Mr Collins said on several occasions he felt “we have to solve Operation Stack” and “off-road parking” is the solution. Mr Collins added he felt the plans “will solve Stack as we know it. I think it’s disingenuous to say it won’t solve Stack.

“I can’t promise there will never be congestion. We can deal with traffic off road. We wouldn’t be having this debate if we had three days of Stack this summer but we had 32 and I don’t think we can sit by and do nothing.”

He stressed there will be an environmental assessment “which will be probed further” once a site is decided and detailed work has been carried out on that option.

For the full article go to Kent Online.

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