Kent County Council proposes changes to mobile library

By   January 19, 2016
Some mobile lending libraries across the borough look set to be cancelled. Members of Kent County Council’s Growth and Economic Development Committee met earlier this month, on the back of significant financial pressure the authority faces. The county’s 11 mobile libraries make 651 stops throughout the year, costing taxpayers more than £367,000 per annum. KCC has analysed the performance of the service, saying that some stops had ‘very low’ levels of use.
Findings showed that 368 stops had an average of just two visitors or less and that 50% of customers were using a library building in addition to the mobile service. It is suggested a new operating schedule from Tuesdays to Saturdays runs on alternate weeks only – some are currently weekly while a few are monthly.
Some route reductions are also being considered and Monday’s service is due to be replaced with a Saturday service to avoid clashing with Bank Holidays. The changes could save £150,000 a year.
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