Gravesham Local Plan Update

By   February 14, 2016

Earlier in the month, Gravesham Council received an update from Wendy Lane (Planning Policy Manager) on the Local Plan. This was the kick-off for a 2.5 year process in creating the new 5 year plan for the borough covering (eg) housing and transport needs. The plan presentation has been published on the council website, as has the committee’s minutes following its presentation.

We encourage all residents and readers to review the plan and the minutes… there’s some interesting nuggets in there. For instance:

Slide 9 shows the historic migration stats for Gravesham. I was surprised to see that domestic migration has only been positive for the last few years since 2000, and that the latest year on record showed roughly +600/+500/+400 inhabitants for each of natural change/domestic migration/international migration respectively.

The scary parts though include slide 10’s assertion that 10ha of land is needed to get us to 2028, and all of slide 11 (transport issues).

In the committee minutes, it was refreshing to see highlighted that the current efforts in modelling transport have only focused on the motorcar. Specifically (emphasis mine):

Transport model – Kent Thameside Transportation Model no longer meets current standards and cannot be used again.  The overall finding, that the area needs to achieve modal shift to public transport is still relevant.  The Lower Thames Crossing Model (Highways England) is a highways model.  KTS looked at balance between modes of transport but LTC Model does not.  London Paramount work could assist in looking in to the public transport side.  The Local Plan will have to prove that the transport network will work to support its policies and proposals.

Expect more to come with the first phase of the consultation in April.

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