Gravesend Borough Market renewal begins

By   October 11, 2015


A £1.6 million regeneration project has started at the Gravesend Borough Market. Stalls have been removed and partition walls pulled down to reveal a vast space with magnificent flagstone tiles.

For hundreds of years, the market hall was the hub of town life where stallholders plied their wares day and night, politicians met to discuss important issues, and revellers danced, enjoyed pageants or even roller-skated across the slightly sloping floor. The covered building as we see it today was also used during the Second World War to store furniture for families whose homes had been bombed.

Sadly, the hustle and bustle slowly petered out over the years as supermarket giants moved into high streets and shoppers started to show more loyalty to out-of-town malls. Earlier this year, however, Gravesham Borough Council secured a lottery grant to revamp the market site, which dates back to 1268.

For the full article, from Kent Online, click here.

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