Government silent over the costs of an Op Stack emergency lorry park at Manston

By   March 3, 2016

The government is refusing to say how much taxpayers are paying to keep the former Manston airport site on standby in case Operation Stack is implemented. The site was chosen to be an emergency lorry park in August last year after several weeks of disruption caused largely by migrants breaching security at Calais as hundreds sought to cross the channel illegally.

But Manston has yet to be used as measures taken by the government and Eurotunnel to boost security have succeeded in dramatically reducing the efforts of migrants based at the Calais camp to reach the UK. Despite this, the site will remain on standby at least until June, when the contract between the DfT and the owners runs out.

The Department for Transport has rejected a Freedom of Interest request made by the Thanet Extra to detail any of the costs associated with the use of Manston as a relief lorry park.

For the full article go to Kent Online.

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