Elephant Music reopens in Gravesend

By   October 26, 2015

That’s the renewed aim of the town’s sole music shop, Elephant Music, after it reopened under new management. New owners Rob Sherwood and Dennis Halberg were on hand to greet excited visitors to the Harmer Street store, which has undergone an extensive revamp since closing earlier this year.

The opening comes after the Messenger launched its Let’s Grow Gravesend campaign in an effort to support local traders and make the town centre a great place for shoppers and shopkeepers alike. Musicians can now look forward to an expanded selection of instruments, as well as new rehearsal and teaching facilities, which Dennis hopes will help give the store a fresh lease of life.

“We’ve repainted and cleared more space – it’s much brighter now – and we’re hoping to offer a bigger range of instruments. We’ll have guitars, drums, keyboards, amps, and we have cheaper options like harmonicas and recorders.”

Once the stock is in place, Elephant Music will also house opportunities for lessons, rehearsals and even recitals. It is all part of the team’s aim to become the community home for music in Gravesend, and Dennis is passionate about giving locals the chance to fall in love with his hobby.

“People have had lots of words of encouragement for us. We’ve got room upstairs for lessons and downstairs we’ve got a rehearsal room where we’re hoping to hold little recitals. Kids who have music lessons… parents often don’t have the chance to see them so we’re hoping we could invite them in to watch their children perform. We don’t just want to focus on the business side. We really want to support music lessons, local gigs and encourage young people to learn to play instruments. We want to convince them that music isn’t just what you see when you go on The X factor or Britain’s Got Talent and have a microphone shoved in your face.”

The full article at Kent Online.

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