Alternatives to Operation Stack set to be unveiled within weeks

By   October 15, 2015

Possible solutions to Operation Stack will be published within weeks but it may take at least another year to put them in place, according to Highways England.

David Brewer, Network Delivery and Development Director, told MPs:

“We will have sufficient information to put forward credible options within weeks…The earliest we are looking at being able to have off-network parking is next Autumn. It does depend on a lot of other things falling into place…these would normally take several years and go through a planning process.”

The news came during a meeting of MPs on the Commons transport committee, who today (Weds) heard evidence on the problems caused to Kent when the scheme is implemented. Highways England said it expected the earliest time any off-road capacity for dealing with Operation Stack might be ready was next Autumn.

For the full article go to Kent Online.

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