Businesses call on Ebbsfleet Garden City bosses to help save their jobs from London Paramount plans

By   July 26, 2016

‘By all means build your theme park, but don’t do it at the expense of our local businesses’

That’s the message to the developer of London Paramount from the Peninsula Management Group (PMG), a lobbying body which represents businesses set to be displaced by the £3.2 billion project on the Swanscombe Peninsula. Around 140 businesses and some 2,500 employees currently occupy the site between Dartford and Gravesend, but the PMG is worried that every one of them could be lost as a result of London Resort Company Holdings’ (LRCH) ambitious resort.

Now the group is calling on the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation (EDC) to help LRCH understand the impact the loss of the existing businesses would have on the area. Spokesman Dan Bramwell said:

“Some of the EDC board members have been round the estates, but some have not, and these are the ones that will not understand the impact of getting rid of the estates. If the Paramount application goes in by late 2017 or early 2018, it will not be approved until late 2018 or early 2019. Some of these businesses need three years to relocate. I will be trying to speak to Sajid Javid (the former business secretary) and members of the new government to explain our situation. The last thing a Tory government will want to see is the loss of several thousand jobs and hundreds of businesses.”

For the full article click here for Kent Online.

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