Junior doctors strike

By   April 25, 2016

Junior doctors will strike again. It’s unfortunate that they have been forced to this point by the obstinate approach of the health secretary. The government must change the way it treats our NHS and reopen negotiations with the junior doctors. A caring health secretary would put forward a contract that is fair and works for staff and patients alike.

Green Party members will continue to stand in solidarity with NHS staff as they fight for what’s right. 

Industrial action is a last resort and junior doctors are striking with a heavy heart. The BMA has made a clear offer to call off this action if Jeremy Hunt drops his insistence on imposing a new contract. It’s welcome news that senior doctors will be covering emergency and life-saving care on 26 and 27 April.  Nevertheless, Jeremy Hunt will want to avert strike action so that both junior and senior doctors can be on call to do what they do best.

The government is playing with fire with its bullying and disrespectful attitude towards the junior doctors. It has to stop.





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