Residents step up battle to protect pubs following illegal demolition of The Battle of Britain

By   November 2, 2016

Residents angered by the demolition of a historic Gravesend pub are taking action to prevent other public houses in the borough from suffering a similar fate. The demolition of the Battle of Britain pub on in Northfleet last month sparked protests after developers began work before approval had been granted by the council.

Now residents are hoping to introduce an Article 4 direction, which would mean local councilors are given a say in the potential change of use of a property. The legislation has already been introduced in some areas, saving pubs in Lewisham and Wandsworth from being turned into supermarkets and other types business.

Tina Brooker, who lives on Valley Drive, Gravesend, said:

“It is going on across the country. If the business is going down I can understand it, but that is not always the case and it wasn’t the case here. The Battle of Britain was not unpopular. I spoke to a previous landlord and he wanted to buy it. We have had a lot of pubs in the area go up in flames.”

For the full article go to The Reporter.

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