Petition challenging changes to Gravesham’s bin collections

By   June 8, 2017

Nearly 600 people have signed a petition, set up opposing the changes to Gravesham’s bin collections, in the last 24 hours.

The campaign, which has been addressed to Gravesham Borough Council, was created by 30-year-old Simon Chapman, who has lived in the area all his life, and opposes the bi-weekly collection of the bins, which began yesterday, June 5.

He said:

“There needs to be a change to the proposal to have the rubbish collected every two weeks, instead of every week, and the fact that they’re providing a small bin, with refusal to accept extra black sacks. The bins they’re providing will barely take two black sakes worth of rubbish.

Gravesham Borough Council want us, the residents, to take any excess to the tip ourselves. This is not what we pay our council tax for, and this will be a requirement for all families, every single week. Some do not even have cars, what will happen to the rubbish then? There will be more rubbish on the streets, and an increase in rats and foxes attacking refuge.

There needs to be a change, this has not been thought out well at all, and is nothing short of cutting corners to save costs.”

For the full article go to The Gravesend Reporter.

For the petition click here.

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2 Comments on “Petition challenging changes to Gravesham’s bin collections

  1. Danny

    It is a bad idea if the bins were bigger it would help.
    I think we need to do something.

    But someone screwed up bad.
    Did they run a trail before burdening us with this system?
    If so I did not hear of it.

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