Coffee and gaming in Gravesend

By   October 13, 2016

The Mug and Meeple, in West Street near Town Pier, is a gamers’ cafe where people can either buy fantasy games or sit and play them with friends in a relaxed atmosphere with refreshments.

Visitors can take part in table top role-play games (RPG), the best known being Dungeons and Dragons, where they create and develop characters to take on adventures in imagined worlds.

Among the many RPGs available is a Star Wars one.

Then there are war games where players battle against one another military-style, using armies of characters, again, normally while sat around a table.

A number of board games can be bought or played in the Meeple but you won’t find Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit on these shelves.

These are fantasy board games, where figures travel through mythical kingdoms and overcome challenges with the aid of dice or cards…

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