Wikileaks is raising a $100,000 reward for leaks of the TPP

By   June 3, 2015


TTP is the USA/Asian version of USA/Europe trade agreement known as TTIP. The following article explains why both are such a threat to global citizens. Legislation within gives multinational corporations a massive advantage in trade. For example, if a public hospital is built close to a private one, the private hospital has the right to sue the country for expected losses.

“If there is one piece of legislation (and in a “democracy”, there is no reason why any one law should be fast-tracked through Congress under the shroud of secrecy) that should be passed in complete openness and in full view of the general public, especially by the world’s “most transparent organization”, it is Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, a multi-trillion dollar treaty with 29 classified chapters, which – whennot if passed – will have an impact on the vast majority of workers in the US, on their wages and living conditions…”

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And more on the USA/Europe side of things:

We must engage with TTIP or else risk being shut out: Jude Kirton-Darling says – Last Friday, 38 Degrees launched a name-and-shame campaign against me and three of my colleagues in the European Parliament. Photographs of David Campbell Bannerman (Conservative), Emma McClarkin (Conservative), David Martin (Labour) and I were posted beneath the caption ‘These UK politicians voted to support TTIP’, with an incitement to subscribers to share the infographic in order to ‘expose’ us…

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