The Green Party on arts, culture, media and sport

By   May 7, 2015

Click here for the Green Party 2015 manifesto

Below is a selection of polices in the 2015 manifesto that relate to arts, culture, the media and sport:

Arts and Culture

The party commit to reduce VAT to five per cent for live performances. (p61)

The party commit to increasing arts funding by £500m per year. (p61)


The Green Party will tighten the rules on cross media ownership to ensure that no individual or company owns more than 20 per cent of the media market. (p61)

The party will strengthen controls on advertising aimed at children. (p62)

The party commit to replace the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. (p61)

The Green Party will set out a comprehensive legal framework which would limit the censoring or removal of content, whilst making copyright shorter and prevent patents applying to software. (p61)

The party commit to the introduction of a “more satisfactory” law on malicious comments made on social media. (p61)


The party will grant the right for sporting clubs, especially football clubs, to become community and supporter cooperatives by allowing season ticket holders the opportunity to take over the running of the club. (p48)

The party commit to ensuring that all children get at least a half-day equivalent of sports in school. (p62)

Tourism The party will lower VAT on tourism to five per cent. (p48)

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