A message from Caroline Lucas

By   June 23, 2016

Today we all have a choice. For me, the EU referendum is about who we are as a country. Are we open and confident, wanting to working with neighbours on problems we share – or do we want to retreat into isolation?

I will be voting for a country where hope is more powerful than hate, and where our common humanity matters more than what divides us. It’s not the EU we should be turning our backs on, but those stoking the fires of xenophobia and fear.

‘Vote Remain to build bridges, not burn them’ is my message in our final EU referendum video. It would mean a lot to me if you could watch it and share with friends, family and colleagues – to help spread the Green Party’s message of hope over fear.

Greens don’t pretend that the EU is perfect. That’s why we’re not just campaigning to stay in the EU, but to change the EU for the better. 

However, as I argued on last night’s TV debate, the EU is the biggest peace project in history. It’s extraordinary that 28 countries now solve their problems through debate and discussion, rather than bullets and bombs. The EU has helped bring peace and democracy to Europe and beyond.

The biggest challenges we face today are by their very nature cross-border, whether that’s climate change, international terrorism, or the refugee crisis. As proud internationalists, Greens understand that we have to work cross-border in order to solve those problems.

Tomorrow, you can help ensure that the future we pass to our young people is a greener, more peaceful, more prosperous one. But the polls are neck and neck and every vote will matter – so please make sure you vote. And I hope you will join me in voting Remain.

Thank you,

Caroline Lucas 
MP for Brighton Pavilion and chief Green Party spokesperson on the EU referendum

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