Jonathan Bartley on TV tonight

By   March 15, 2017

As our country faces up to the biggest constitutional shake up for generations, the worst refugee crisis since WWII continues to worsen. Refugees, especially children, are escaping torture, persecution and war; they need us now more than ever.

Remember, we have a proud history of helping the desperate. We sheltered 10,000 children through the Kindertransport programme at a time when even the most fundamental necessities were being rationed. We’re now one of the biggest economies in the world, but this ruthless government lacks even the most basic compassion: its refusal to help the most vulnerable refugees is a shocking indictment of Theresa May’s callous, shameful disregard for British values.

I’ll be highlighting why we must do better at 7.55pm on Channel 4 tonight.

We can’t build a wall to keep out climate change, and we can’t deport the next financial crisis, so let’s do politics with respect. That’s the Britain we can all be proud of.

If you believe in compassion, and hope then please forward this to everyone in your contact list. Let us all push harder for a fairer society.

In solidarity,

Jonathan Bartley
Green Party Co-Leader

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