Green Party condemns government plans to overrule councils on fracking

By   August 10, 2015

Government plans to overrule councils by fast-tracking fracking applications have been criticised by the Green Party, the only party committed to banning all UK shale gas exploration operations.

Writing in a Sunday newspaper, UK Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd revealed imminent government plans to write to planning authorities to state the ‘national need to explore’ fracking, making clear she no longer wants these bids to be ‘dragged out for months, or even years’.

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England says the ‘Tories are in bed with the fracking industry’ and that the government has made another wrong move in energy policy.

Taylor said:

“The government’s plans to fast-track fracking is shocking but not surprising as we all know the Tories are in bed with the fracking industry. Going all out for fracking is short-sighted and is a big distraction from the new era of clean renewable energy that scientists are urging us to move into. This is yet another move in the wrong direction for UK energy policy away from climate security and in favour of self-serving unproven technology.”


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