Green candidates for the upcoming elections

By   July 26, 2016


The Dartford and Gravesham Green Party have announced their candidates for the upcoming local elections. Standing for Pelham Borough Ward is Marna Gilligan and for Gravesham East County Electoral Division is Martin Wilson.

A Green voice on Gravesham Borough Council and the Kent County Council will work to ensure that local opposition to the Lower Thames crossing is heard loud and clear. Rather than building new roads or offloading the problem to neighbouring towns, the Green Party encourages the use of more varied transport methods. We need to see better public transport links, with freight moved off the road and onto an improved national rail system as well as greater use of ports around the UK, not just Dover.

We’ll keep a close eye on new housing developments. Families need homes, so we will ensure developers provide the required quantity of affordable and social housing in all new developments. We want to hold developers to the highest of sustainable housing standards and would encourage them to include renewable energy sources like heat pumps and solar panels.

We want everyone to have a sustainable future and we will make small changes such as improving recycling provision across the borough and making the roads safer for cyclists. Community projects are fantastic resources for everyone and we’ll support all we can – community gardens, local energy projects, food collectives and playgroups.

There needs to be a Green party voice on Gravesham and Kent Councils to ensure that we all have a sustainable future.


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