Dartford and Gravesham Meeting Minutes – 7th August 2016

By   August 14, 2016

Dartford and Gravesham Green Party monthly meeting minutes

The local branch met on the 7th August at the Rum Puncheon. The full minutes are available here (login required).

Officer updates

  • We have had press interest in our candidates for the two by-elections (Pelham Ward in Gravesham Borough Council and Gravesham East in Kent County Council).
  • Speaker series has started, a session on Positive Money planned for September.

Campaign/political updates

Topics discussed included

  • EU Referendum, and what we as a local party would like to see as part of the new relationship with the EU. Of particular interest was:
    • A desire to stay as close to the EEA as possible, in order to safeguard access to the EU
    • Funding for R&D
    • ERASMUS scheme
  • Energy Policy
    • General dismay at the lack of funding now available for greener alternatives either to traditional fossil fuels OR nuclear power (eg for tidal, sonar, wind etc)
    • Also at the economic terms for the new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point
  • Local Campaigns (for Pelham/Gravesham East)
    • Leaflets have been produced and will be distributed in the coming weeks
    • A stall will be staffed in Gravesend town centre 13th August 2016

Thames Crossing

We agreed to await the results of the consultation and present our response to that when it’s out. In the meantime, our position remains unchanged:

Our policy (decided at the meeting after debate) is that we reject​both proposals (Dartford or Gravesham to be the Southern terminus of the new bridge/tunnel), and favour instead ways to decrease the amount of traffic needing to cross the Thames in the first place. Ideas include levying freight coming into Dover to encourage other ports in the UK (Felixstowe, Tilbury) closer to eventual destination to be used, investigating air quality concerns around Dartford, and crucially investing the rail network to encourage more freight to use that medium.

Next meeting/social

Next social will be in 15th September (Cafe Taj).

Next monthly meeting will be in 11th September at the Rum Puncheon, 2pm.

Please keep an eye on the website for more details.

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