Dartford council freeze tax for 7th year running

By   February 25, 2016

“For more than a decade now we have established a reputation for prudent budgeting and delivering what we promise. With so many councils putting up their taxes, it would have been easy for us to go under the radar to put ours up at the same time but it would not have been right. We invest in quality services, quality facilities and we celebrate our town with popular events to bring our community together.”

Cllr Kite highlighted the Dartford Festival, The Orchard Theatre and Fairfield Pool as examples of how the council was delivering, and promised that more was on the way.

“We have ended up with a very stable and constant flow of new ideas and new innovations, new facilities and new spending opportunities. One of the challenges for us now is to make sure that they are not just Dartford town-centric and that we take them out into the community and around the borough.You will see a theme develop now where you see new facilities where they are perhaps least expected.”

 Cross-post from Kent Online.

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