BBC to give Ukip three party broadcasts a year – but Greens will get none

By   December 21, 2015

The BBC has awarded Ukip three party political broadcasts a year outside elections even though the party has only one MP in the House of Commons, folowing a rule change introduced by the corporation’s governing body. The broadcaster said it had done so taking into account Ukip’s level of support in the country and the fact that in the runup to the referendum on EU membership a Eurosceptic party should get more time on British television.

The Green party, however, will not get any broadcasts even though it too has a single MP. No explanation for the decision was provided, but the party’s share of the polls is lower: Ukip is currently polling at about 14% while the Greens sit at 5%. A spokesman for the Greens said that the party was “disappointed” with the decision and would be making representations to both the BBC and BBC Trust. He added that it the Greens attracted more than 1 million votes in the general election and should have more of a voice.

For the full article go to the Guardian.

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