Thanet Earth, Kent, is the second worst light polluter in United Kingdom

By   June 15, 2016

The UK’s largest greenhouse complex – based in Thanet – pushes out more light pollution than almost anywhere else in England, it’s been revealed. Only the giant Tata Steel complex in Rotherham causes more light pollution than Thanet Earth – the 220-acre food factory in Birchington.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has released detailed maps, which show the location of light hotspots around the country. The images were captured by monitoring the skies at 1.30am throughout September 2015 – showing just how late into the night England’s lighting floods.

A satellite captured visible and infrared imagery to determine the levels of light emanating into British skies. In the infrared images of the map, blue represents the darkest skies and red shows the brightest skies.

It revealed Thanet Earth’s maximum brightness is brighter than anywhere else in the south east, including London. Thanet as a whole is 241st in the rankings, with 34% of its skies in the lightest categories. Meanwhile Dartford has Kent’s lightest skies,  ranked 260th out of all the 326 districts in England.

For the full article go to Kent Online.

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