Delivering on the Paris Promise

By   June 20, 2017

Delivering on the Paris Promises: Combating Climate Change while Protecting Rights

The adoption and the rapid entry into force of the Paris Agreement constituted a significant step towards a global response to the climate crisis. The Paris Agreement establishes the first international framework that commits states to take steps to keep temperature increase below 1.5ºC, under which all states have agreed to take climate action on the basis of equity.

Significantly, the Paris Agreement also placed climate action in the context of efforts to achieve sustainable development, stressing the relationship between climate action and poverty eradication. It further reaffirms the need for governments to respect and promote human rights, including the rights of indigenous peoples, gender equality and the empowerment of women, the fundamental priority of safeguarding food security, the importance of public participation and access to information, the imperatives of a just transition and creation of decent work, and the importance of securing ecosystems integrity. The international community has long recognized that climate change poses a considerable threat to the realization of human rights, especially the rights of vulnerable people and local communities, and the rights of indigenous peoples.

Click here to read the report from the Center for International Environmental Law.

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