Government should take responsibility as official report reveals UK renewable industry lags behind EU neighbours

By   March 21, 2016

Keith Taylor MEP is calling on the Government to take responsibility as official report reveals UK renewable industry lags behind EU neighbours

Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP for the South East, is calling on the Government to take its clean energy responsibilities seriously, as the hypocrisy at the heart of George Osborne’s ‘climate-wrecking’ Budget continues to be exposed.

The Budget arrived on the same day an official European Environment Agency report – ‘Renewable energy in Europe 2016: recent growth and knock-on effects’ – celebrated the positive work the EU is doing to drive up the consumption of renewables across Europe.

However, it also revealed that a minority of member states, including the UK, are not doing enough to reach their renewable energy targets.

“I am urging the Government to take its climate change and clean energy responsibilities seriously. A climate-wrecking Budget that promises to lock Britain into fossil fuel dependency and a collapse in support for the renewable energy sector is not the way to secure a safe and sustainable future for the world’s generations to come.”

“The EU is responsible for around 80% of all environmental laws in the UK and there are many examples where the EU has driven positive change. It is these shared laws which are working effectively to make our beaches cleaner, our air less polluted and our wildlife safer. This is incredibly important as the Government continues to drop some heavy hints about what would happen to our environmental rules if we quit the EU. The Chancellor believes the EU nature laws place ‘ridiculous costs’ on British firms and has just delivered a climate-wrecking Budget promising to lock Britain into fossil fuel dependency, while Ministers are trying their best to water down air pollution rules, and, most worryingly of all, the Government continues vigorously stripping away support for clean energy and renewable technology in the UK.”

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