4th May 2017

On the 4th May 2017 there will be local government elections in England, Wales and Scotland.

The Dartford and Gravesham Green Party are standing candidates in the Kent County Council election. In Gravesham West, Erin Johnson and Ruiha Smalley are standing. In Gravesham East, Marna Gilligan and Martin Wilson are standing. Andy Blatchford is standing in Dartford.

Gravesham West

Erin’s statement:


I’ve lived and worked in Kent since 2010 and in Northfleet since 2014. I stood as a candidate in Northfleet South in the district council elections in 2015 as a Green Party candidate. I love the outdoors and the Kent countryside. I am doing a PhD in renewable energy systems and am committed to working towards a greener future.

I love this community and I’ll represent local people and deal with their requests quickly and fairly. I’d work to improve and clean up our outside spaces. People are facing increased costs as bills rise, on Tuesday Gravesham council voted to increase council tax 2.65%, so I’d work to help limit the impact of those and look at energy efficiency schemes to reduce bills whilst improving comfort.

Ruiha’s statement:


I’ve lived in Gravesend since 2010 and always felt welcome in the town. I stood as a candidate for Gravesham West in the elections in 2015 as a Green Party candidate. I do volunteer work in the heritage sector both in London and Kent.

With Erin I’d aim to improve and clean our outdoor spaces, specifically our urban areas, so that everyone can be proud of the town they live in. I believe that an extension of the Crossrail line into Gravesend is an important scheme that would help reduce road traffic in our area and with it, air pollution and traffic congestion. I would work to see this happen.

Gravesham East

Marna’s statement:

Marna Gilligan

I’ve lived in Gravesend for a few years now, and love the town and the people here. Although I’m originally from Ireland I’ve lived in the UK for over twenty years. I’m self-employed and work from home.

I’m opposed to the proposed Lower Thames Crossing – it’s short-sighted and not a sustainable solution. I’ll fight to have it scrapped and replaced with more sustainable freight transport and better, affordable and reliable public transport. I’ll work to support community initiatives and to ensure that your council tax is spent carefully, on things that will really help.

Martin’s statement:

Martin Wilson

I have lived in Gravesham for nearly 30 years now and during that period seen massive increases in traffic congestion together with pressure on schools and health services. A recently conducted air quality survey shows that in most of central Gravesham the air quality is worse than the desirable levels. I would like Kent to have a cleaner, more comfortable and secure lifestyle which entails tackling these problems head on and pointing public spending in the needed direction. This largely will come from central government but the right example must start locally. I believe that the Green Party has the impetus to achieve this.


Andy’s statement:

I am 53 years old and have lived and worked in Dartford for the last 18 years. The Green Party is a real alternative to today’s politics which we believe cannot come to terms with problems the world is facing, whether through global climate change, local issues of air pollution, housing, food bank, the crisis in social care and the ongoing ideological destruction of the NHS. I believe all these issues are linked and only through working together can we solve them, whether local or International. I will stand for all our residents to being about the changes that are necessary.

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