8th June 2017

On the 8th June 2017 there will be a general election in the UK. In this election you elect a Member of the UK Parliament to represent your constituency.

The Dartford and Gravesham Green Party are standing two candidates in this election. Marna Gilligan will stand in Gravesham and Andy Blatchford will stand in Dartford.

We’ve launched a crowdfunder to help raise money for deposits, leaflets and posters for the upcoming general election. It’s here – http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/dartford-gravesham-green-party-fighting-fund. Anything you can donate will be hugely appreciated. We want to run a really vocal and visible campaign. We want to make sure that local issues – like the proposed Lower Thames Crossing and the already terrible air quality – are not forgotten. We want to discuss sustainable environmental policies, an economy that works for everyone, and not just the well off, a open, diverse and tolerant society,  a more democratic political system, and an alternative to the dangerous hard Brexit that the Tories are speeding us towards. Your help and support will let us do this!

Money raised will go towards deposits to get us on the ballot paper, leaflets to get our message into every home,  and posters to create a visible Green support network. Help us run the best and brightest Green campaigns that Dartford and Gravesham have ever seen! If you’d like to help out with our campaign or have any questions get it touch – campaigns@dartfordgravesham.greenparty.org.uk

Marna’s statement

“My priority is scrapping the proposed Lower Thames Crossing. Yet we don’t want to see the crossing sited upriver at Dartford, where air pollution levels are already dangerously high. The Green Party will fight for investment in ports and rail infrastructure, to have freight moved from the roads to safer more sustainable routes and for reliable, affordable and joined-up public transport”

Andy’s statement

Andy Blatchford comp

“I am 53 years old, live and work in Dartford, running a branch office for a company involved in International trade.  I am part of the group in the Green Party that work on tax and fiscal policy and also involved in transport issues.

The Green Party is a real alternative to today’s politics which we believe cannot come to terms with problems the world is facing, whether through global climate change, local issues of air pollution, housing, food banks, the crisis in social care and the ongoing ideological destruction of the NHS.

I believe all these issues are linked and only through working together can we solve them, whether local or International.

I will stand for all our residents to bring about the changes that are necessary so that our youth and all future generations that you will have a world to live on that is sustainable, pollution free with a better standard of living which means real decent affordable housing.”

Stand up for what matters

This election isn’t about the next five years. It’s about the next fifty years.

Only the Green Party is offering real opposition to this Government’s extreme Brexit. Only the Green Party has the vision to deliver an alternative future for our country, and our place in the world. And only the Green Party offers a different kind of politics.

Every Green vote on 8th June will help make that vision a reality.

Affordable homes.
A properly funded NHS.
Excellent education.
A better future for everyone.

If you agree with us, stand with us. The Conservatives think they have this election sewn up. But it’s in your hands. Stand with us for housing, schools, our NHS, our environment, and our future.




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