Dartford MP Gareth Johnson calls on government to scrap law banning new grammar schools

By   August 1, 2016

The School Standards and Framework Act was passed in 1998 by Tony Blair’s incoming Labour government and prohibits any new grammar schools from being built. Education secretary Justine Greening has said she is open to the idea of allowing new grammar schools, and her predecessor Nicky Morgan gave the go-ahead to a new grammar school annexe in Sevenoaks last year.

Mr Johnson is encouraged by the change in stance and wants Theresa May’s government to ditch the near two-decade-old legislation in order to meet the demands of both pupils and parents.

“We have an opportunity now with the new Prime Minister to have a change in attitude towards grammar schools and we should be more positive towards them. I have seen first-hand the benefits that grammar school education can provide. The demand for places at the existing grammar schools is very high and they are very popular with both pupils and parents. What now needs to happen is to change the law.”

For the full article go to Kent Online.

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