Government must set minimum wage at new living wage level, say Greens

By   November 2, 2015

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Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has called on the government to use its Autumn Statement later this month to raise the minimum wage to £8.25 for all UK workers, after the new living wage rate was announced.

The Living Wage Foundation today revealed that people must earn at least £8.25 an hour to cover the basic cost of living. [1] Bennett said:

“George Osborne’s offer of £7.20 an hour for over 25-year-olds from next April is pitiful in comparison to this real living wage. With people now needing to earn £8.25 an hour to sustain a decent standard of living, it is no wonder that our current minimum wage leaves people reliant on food banks and struggling to keep a roof over their head. The people who earn the minimum wage are the key drivers of our economy, creating company profits and maintaining our public services. The government cannot continue to wish in-work poverty away. It must use its Autumn Statement to set the minimum wage at £8.25 for workers of all ages.”

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