Billion pound expansion set for the Port of Tilbury

By   February 8, 2017

A billion pound expansion will transform the port of Tilbury container terminal by adding a deep-sea jetty for ships from Europe and increasing the size of its site from 850 to 1,100 acres — allowing it to accommodate larger ships from Africa, India and the Far East.

The new berths will help meet rising demand for building materials, which represents 60% of the port’s traffic in Europe as the UK’s third-largest container terminal serving London and the south.

A total of 40 million bricks went through the terminal last year, as well as food, steel and consumer goods between Europe and the UK.

Although Forth Ports will pay for the dock expansion, nearly half of the investment at Tilbury is being made by tenants stemming from the port’s privatisation in 1992. The investment has been an important factor in for the construction of the biggest Amazon fulfilment centre in Britain on the site, which will triple employee numbers at Tilbury from 4,000 to 12,000 in the next decade. This means that more retailers are also likely to decide to package their goods on site at the port, rather than moving them to a separate site for distribution.

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