Green Party comments on Trident

By   January 18, 2016

A letter from Caroline Lucas, published in the Guardian on Friday reads as follows:

Simon Jenkins is right to say that renewing Trident would be “daft” (Renew Trident? It’d make more sense to put Dad’s Army on the case, 14 January). The case in favour of a so-called “independent deterrent” is both inherently flawed, and an obscenely expensive distraction from the real threats we face today. For a start our nuclear arsenal is not, by any definition I’ve come across, independent. The missiles we possess couldn’t be made without know-how and hardware from the US. Indeed our missiles are shared with the US and maintained in Kings Bay, Georgia. If we lost support from the US our nuclear capability would disappear in months.

Then there’s the argument that says we can’t “go it alone” in disarming. In fact, if we are truly committed to reducing the worldwide nuclear threat and fulfilling our obligations under the non-proliferation treaty, disarmament is our duty. Britain cannot justify demanding other sovereign states remain non-nuclear while committing to spend billions on weapons of mass destruction ourselves. For those of us who have long campaigned against nuclear weapons, these are exciting times. The political sands are shifting – with Labour’s leadership joining the Green party, the SNP and Plaid Cymru in opposing the renewal of Trident. Britain must now take this opportunity to use evidence, rather than bravado, as the basis for this historic decision.
Caroline Lucas MP
Green, Brighton Pavilion

Read more at the Guardian.


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