Proposed stops revealed for £600 million Kent and Essex tram

By   December 10, 2017

An ambitious plan to build a tram route linking north Kent and Essex would be a tenth of the cost of the Lower Thames Crossing yet would take just 4% fewer commuters, according to the people behind the scheme.

The project was proposed earlier this year as a secondary way to relieve congestion in Dartford, as work accelerates on the controversial LTC, which the government has earmarked for east of Gravesend, despite the efforts of local campaigners. A map charting proposed stops for the tram route, known as KenEx Thames Transit, has also been released, with three potential routes identified, as the project ramps up a gear.

If the scheme goes ahead, two of those routes – one between Lakeside and Bluewater and another connecting Dartford and Gravesend – will be built within the next five years.

The £600million price tag is just a fraction of the £4.4bn-£6.2bn cost of the LTC due in part to the newly proposed ‘cut-and-cover’ tunnelling method – which would see a trench excavated along the bed of the Thames and sections of the single-track tunnel sunk into position.

The construction method has been used on 100 projects worldwide, including the Medway Tunnel.

Image taken from the KenEx website


For more details go to Kent Online and the KenEx Tram website.

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