The London Resort (as it’s now called)

By   October 13, 2017

The London Resort emerges as new name for £3.2bn theme park in Kent formerly backed by Paramount

A new name for a £3.2 billion theme park in Kent formerly backed by Paramount Pictures has emerged. The new title The London Resort has been revealed to business groups in the county as the new identity for the proposed attraction on the Swanscombe Peninsula between Gravesend and Dartford.

Bosses have also said new supporters for rides at the theme park will be revealed before the end of the year. Plans for a giant attraction, set to create 27,000 jobs, were rocked in the summer when it was revealed Paramount Pictures would no longer be involved in the project.

Developers claimed it was part of a new strategy for a broader mix of intellectual property for its rides and attractions, rather than having one studio name above the door. The plans have since suffered a further setback after its opening date was put back for a fourth time.

Its understood bosses are preparing announcements about new film, TV and video gaming backers in a bid to rebuild excitement in the project before a fifth round of public consultations on the plans next year. However, the new name is already being circulated for the theme park set to open in 2023.

Its developer London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) has begun showing the new logo for The London Resort at presentations made to business groups. The branding was shown to delegates at the Construction Expo held at the Kent Event Centre in Detling on Thursday.

Chris Potts, a director at real estate company Savills, which is working with LRCH, said developers were in “detailed negotiations” with global brands ahead of submitting a planning application next summer. He said:

“The way we consume entertainment has changed so radically that having one film name over the door is not the way forward. We are talking to a range of intellectual property providers. We are optimistic when we go out to consultation in the first quarter of next year we will be able to take some of those names out with us.”

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