KenEx Thames Transit tram from Bluewater to Lakeside takes step forward: something to get behind

By   March 31, 2018

Plans to build a £600 million tram route connecting Kent and Essex have taken a significant step forward with the publication of plans for an interchange and projected revenue and operating costs.

The KenEx project would see a route running between Bluewater and Lakeside, through a 1km tunnel under the River Thames, and one between Dartford and Gravesend.

Currently there are three options for the second route, the preference is for a £122m line stopping at Northfleet, Swanscombe and Greenhithe with an interchange (pictured) outside Ebbsfleet United’s Kuflink Stadium.

According to Professor Lewis Lesley — who is working on the project and was involved in the design of a £25m tram in Preston — the operating cost of that route would be £6.2m a year, while it would make £14m.

When coupled with the £472m route between Bluewater and Lakeside, which would cost £5.2m and make £18.2m every 12 months, within 40 years KenEx would pay for itself.

Those behind KenEx have said they’re confident they can attract private funding.

For the full article go to Kent Online.

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