Dartford Crossing campaign

By   October 10, 2017

Dartford Crossing campaign: Ban oversized and hazardous lorries says Europa Worldwide boss

Oversized and hazardous goods lorries should be banned from using the Dartford Crossing in a bid to reduce traffic jams, a prominent haulage company boss has claimed.

Instead, these vehicles should be sent the other way around the M25 to get to their destinations, according to Andrew Baxter, managing director of Europa Worldwide.

He claims the measure would remove two and a half hours of congestion from the route each day by ending convoys which escort the vehicles through the tunnel while other traffic is forced to wait.

About 100 convoys go through the crossing each day, eqiuvalent to at least one of the tunnels being closed every 15 minutes.

However, this accounts for less than 1% of total traffic which uses the tunnel.

Mr Baxter has launched the Stop the Convoys campaign in response to what he sees as the “unjust” delays to 99% of vehicles while oversized or hazardous goods lorries are escorted from Kent to Essex.

He said:

My suggestion is simple: stop the convoys and divert these oversized and hazardous vehicles the other way around the M25…It damages the environment. It slows business down and costs businesses money. It means people are late for important appointments every single day of the year.

For the full article go to Kent Online.

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