Dartford air quality report

By   April 19, 2016

Dartford is breaching all the air quality limits this year in the latest report released recently:

“This monthly report of the Kent & Medway Air Quality Monitoring Network (KMAQMN) outlines air quality throughout Kent during March 2016. The Network is a joint project funded by twelve of the thirteen councils within Kent, representing a combined effort to effectively and efficiently monitor the quality of air in and around Kent.”

Click here to access the report.



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One Comment on “Dartford air quality report

  1. Joan Woodhead

    Such a pity that Cameron and his party don’t chose to focus on his growing pollution problem in and around the southeast
    as his party and current government are partly responsible for this growing health issue, now part of the conservative legacy. £ over health here in the UK but dressed up as “a need for more housing”?? What on this small island??

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